Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big Blog Update-2

 I feel bad it's been so long since I've update the blog! I instagram everyday so enjoy some pictures of what has been going on! Pictures are from most recent. Starting with Tumbling! Rigden and Rylee are taking a tumbling class from a Sister in our Ward. They LOVE it!

 Fathers Day! We just love Nate so much! I've been blessed to have 
him for a husband and a father to our children :)

 Fun times at Basha Pool in Chandler!

 Rhett will be 3 months old tomorrow! 
He is the cutest chunk EVER!

 Took a trip to California! Huntington Beach. 
It was really Chilly! But we really enjoyed ourselves.

 Took the kids to Disneyland! 
They loved meeting Minnie Mouse and a lot of the other characters! 
Fun times and great memories were made :)

 Memorial Day. Swimming and BBQ at Grandma and Papa Crandell's.

Took the kiddos to the Peach Festival! 
What a fun place we loved the rides and peach cinnamon rolls! 
Scroll down for more Updates :)

Big Update-1

 Rhett's 2 Month and Rylee's 2 Year Check Up! 

 Rhett 2 Months Old-about 15 lbs and the best baby!

 Mothers Day-I was spoiled :) I have the best Family!

 Rylee's 2 Birthday! She wanted a Minnie Mouse Party!

 Still love Matching :)

Rhett at 1 Month! He was 12 lbs and so chunky!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Rhett's Blessing Day

 Yesterday We Blessed our little Rhett Nathan Crandell.
 It was so nice to have all of our Family there.

Nate is a wonderful Father & I'm so grateful for the blessing he 
gave to Rhett. I Love my Family So MUCH! 

 Love his little Bow Tie! 
Nate's Sister Erica Made it for him ;)

It was a beautiful Day!


Monday, April 08, 2013

My Birthday Week!

YEp! It's My Birthday Week! Saturday APRIL 13th I will be 25! 
Mark your Calendars [Haha] seriously....
AHH!!! I'm an ol fart!

So My 24th Year of Life Was Very Eventful....Ready?
In My 24th Year I.....

Went to the Ellen Show, Let's Make a Deal & Jimmy Kimmel Show
Celebrated 5 Years of Marriage
Sold our First Home
Built our Second Home
Moved into a New Ward
Potty Trained our First Born
AND.....Had a Baby
[Might have forgotten something....forgive me if I did]

Like I said....Crazy, Eventful Year! The Highlight of Course Would
be the birth of our 3rd Baby Rhett. What a fun year it's been :)

Not Sure What these Pictures had to do with this Post...
But I LOVE the ones with Rhett & Nate so Cute!
This last one is a Yelp Review for our Car haha. :)

Anyways it's Birthday Week and I'm so excited to CeLeBRate
With my Loved Ones! Outback Steakhouse Here I come ;)

Oh! And for fun here our my wishes for Year 25:

Win a Million Dollars
Meet Oprah Winfrey
Try Sushi
Win American Idol
Solve World Hunger

I'm KIDDING! So Kidding. Except for Oprah... :)

Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

 The Saturday before Easter is always spent with Nate's side
of the Family. We have lunch and the kids go on a Easter-Egg-Hunt!

Rhett's First Holiday! He did Good!
On Sunday we went over to my parents and had Dinner & a Hunt
as well. So we have lots of Candy and everyone is Happy :)

Rhett will be 2 weeks old tomorrow! [Dang!] 
He wakes up every 3 hours in the night. So that's stinks. 
But he is a newborn so we forgive him ;) 
Seriously though he is so cute & fun
I'm loving this! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

My Brother's Wedding!

 My Little Brother Andy got Married Yesterday!!!
[Can't Believe it]

 He Married the most... 
Beautiful and Sweet Girl Ever Lindsey! 

 Lindsey & Her Sister

It was a beautiful day, the weather...everything
Rhett was 9 days old so I was nervous to bring him out.
But this was a very special occasion we couldn't miss.

The Reception was beautiful too! I'm so HAppy for them :)
Andy was my best bud growing up, so I'm so happy
he found happiness and an eternal companion.

Baby & I are doing great. Slowly getting better everyday. 
I guess when you have an almost 9 pound baby it takes a toll
on your body haha. But we are getting there!

Rhett is just so so fun. I kiss him non stop. He is just so soft
and chubby and smells so good. I love him!
Happy 10 Days to my Rhett!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rhett Nathan Crandell

 We got to the hospital at 3:00 a.m. [Yikes] 
I was dilated to almost a 4 and Ready to Go!

 They didn't start the pitocin until after 5:00 a.m. Hours and Hours went by and no progression. The Dr. broke my water and I dilated to a strechty 5 haha. I got the epidural. But hours and hours went by again! NO PROGRESSION! After being on pitocin for 10 hours I had reached the limit and had to be taken off. The Dr. and nurses said, "Something is wrong with the pitocin, the other inductions aren't working either!" There conclusion was no one's pioticin was working that day, it was a bad batch. Us poor women that day! The Dr. decided to put a pill inside me as a last resort to get the party started. It worked! But the epidural was done. I had Rhett 3 hours later at 7:58 p.m. NATURAL. The pain was death. All the pressure and burning and bone crushing...? haha. I seriously was like, "oh snap I'm dying!" He finally came out and I couldn't believe how much he weighed!

 He was almost 9 POUNDS! OUCHY OUCHY!
8 pounds 14 ounces
21.7 inches 
7:58 p.m.
Rhett Nathan Crandell

 My body was dying after I had him. My whole body shook in pain 
for hours! It was just so bad! But Rhett is stinkin cute that it helped a little.

 The next day I felt a whole lot better! NOT totally better...but better
The sweet kiddos came to visit me! Family of 5 now!

 Rylee loved trying to feed him :) 

 Ahh...3 kids now! Crazyness!

Ok Rhett wants to tell his version of the birth story......

 Well...hehe I was swimming around in my Momma...
and I heard like a party going on outside.

 I was like, "OMG!" I wanna come!  

 I said, "Hey Hey" to everyone and "Where's the Ice Cream?"

 That's when things turned sour....everyone kept saying,
"Look at his double chin!!"

 I was like,"What Gives?!"

 I'm still cute...right..?


anyways mom and dad are cool. 
brother and sister are...crazy but life should be good! 

We love him! He is so chubby and smells yummy! 
He is a wonderful addition to the family.